Sunday, July 17, 2011

Menu Monday 7/18

Sunday-Life Group...I volunteered to bring a loaf of bread with garlic butter and JELLO fruit salad

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (most of it)-hubby and kids are gone camping with grandpa in his camper, so of course I had to send a few things with them for meals because eating out 3 meals per day is not good on the budget!  Most of the food that I sent was easily prepared at home, stored in a cooler, and could be warmed in the microwave.  My original intention was to prepared a few baked goods like banana bread, puffed carmel corn, or brownie cookie bars, however, our central air decided to have a mind of it's own.  To make a long story short, apparently last winter and mouse and his family decided to make a home in our outdoor unit.  While they were lounging around they decided to chew on some of our wires hopefully resulting in electrocution of those ugly little suckers, that was causing shorts in our unit.  So we got it repaired and now can live happily in air conditioning.  According to the dude (OK he's not just a dude-he's the husband of my husband's partner at work--I know, dude works better), this is a common problem.  Actually, the mice really like it if you cover your air conditioner because it's warmer.  Thankfully, we don't give our air conditioner a winter woobie or it could've been much worse, maybe even a community of mice.  OMG I can't talk about this anymore or I'm gonna tweak.

So this is what I sent along for the camping in a camper event...

Chicken Lo mein (chicken helper)
salami sandwiches
string cheese
flexible Mexican filling  for tacos
brown rice and pinto beans
canned ravioli
cereal with milk
variety of pre-packaged processed snacks and beverages

Wednesday- scrambled eggs with ABC Muffins

Thursday-baked spaghetti with Parmesan knots, applesauce

Friday-grilled turkey burgers with homemade salsa, Suddenly Salad, and fruit salad

Saturday-crockpot potato and ham casserole

If you're looking for more menu options, check out I'm an organized junkie.


  1. Mice? Yikes!
    Thanks for lots of great camper food ideas... I'll be eating out of a cooler next week and wasn't entirely sure what kind of things to take with me. I never would've thought of string cheese, or the bean filling (easy enough to heat up and throw into a tortilla!)
    Hope you enjoy the ABC muffins!

  2. oh, mice :( bummer.

    We pack all our food for vacations/trips/camping too -- much better on the budget!