Friday, July 15, 2011

Another day, another dollar saved

So I did another big couponing trip today...this is the first time I got a major reaction from the checkout person.  I think I impressed the 20 somethings kid with my shopping skills.  The most he ever received in coupons before was $45.  I came in just under that with $44.77, this is not counting my price match items.  I'm not going to lie, this trip was a little more stressful and time consuming, mostly because I didn't have a good plan

Price match items...
Cherries 1.99 per pound
Peaches $.29 per peach
Strawberries $.99 per pound
4 Diet Coke $.99 ;
3Emerald Breakfast to Go..$2.50
10 Roma Pizza (10 for $10...I know go and get some, cheap and easy meal or snack)

Spending roughly about $30.00 for the items listed above.  Savings for price match of approximately $23.00.  I'll do the coupons savings at the end the only coupon item I had was for the Emerald Breakfast to Go $1.00 off each so $1.50 per box or $.25 per individual bag)

Now for the regular stuff with coupons...
2 4 packs Scott toilet paper
4 travel size body washes
2 Herbal Essence Shampoo
2 Herbal Essence Conditioner
3 cans of Pringles
4 packs of gum
1 Swiss cheese
2 Ivory 4 pack soap
3 Carefree panty liner
1 Box OB tampons (on clearance plus I had a coupon)
1 Oatmeal
2 Tide Stain Releaser
2 Men's body sprays (FREE-Whoot, whoot)
1 bag Krunchers
3 packages Brach's lemon drops
1 Crystal Light Lemonade
2 Oscar Meyer Turkey Dogs
3 8 packs of Powerade (one was FREE)
1 eyeliner (which I needed)
1 foundation (which I needed)

My total of these products was $109.29 and had a coupon total of $44.77 which included $3.00 off the top items.  My overall total was more because I picked up a few things that I didn't have coupons for like brown sugar, bread, hot dog buns, tortillas, big bag of shredded cheese, bananas, tomatoes, a sprinkler (yes, a sprinkler somehow it is in my food/toiletries water my garden), eggs, pickles, and a few school supplies for the boy. When you figure in my cost for all the extras my savings isn't so great, only 26% of the total with coupons.  My coupon items matched with coupons savings is a little better at 41%.  I have done better with my savings at Walgreen's and Copp's.  A couple of the items were a little higher ticket than I would normally buy.  The makeup was over $14.00 with a coupon for only $2.50 off, I did need the make up as I am out of foundation and scraping my eyes with my current eyeliner.  The Tide Stain Releaser was a little pricey at almost $4.00 each with a coupon for $1.50 off each, this is not something I would probably have bought without a coupon and I'll admit I caved to the "Oh I have a coupon" mentality, darn it.  So if you take out the slightly pricier items the savings would be greater.  I am still learning, again all the items I bought will be used by our family. 

If you are new to the couponing world, it's OK so am I.  Here are a few tips that I have learned to help you through.

1.  Profile your checker.  I heard this somewhere, but today it worked out for me.  Go for the young, male checker.  My guy even gave me a high five after I checked out, how cool was that?  Most of the time the teenage girls roll their eyes.
2.  Price match, shop sales, and pair with a coupon whenever you can.
3.  Check the clearance section.  They still accept coupons for those items.
4.  Buy the smallest (or cheapest) product that the coupon will allow you to do.  Today I had an Old Spice coupon for buy 2 get $1.00 off.  There was no limitation on what size, so I bought the travel size for $.97.  In addition, I was able to pair that deal with a FREE deal.  If you buy 2 Old Spice products, you get a body spray FREE.  It was a win, win for me.  So I spent about $.97 to get 2 trial size body washes and one body spray, with a retail alone of $4.27.  Scott and Camden will smell so good.  The trial size body washes will go in the swimming bag.
5.  Tell other people at the store or help them out if you can.  For example, I was only going to use one of my Pringles coupon and some lady was throwing Pringles in her cart like it was the end of the world.  So I simply said "Excuse me, I'm not a cart stalker but I see that you are buying a lot of Pringles.  I have a 2 extra coupons for that product that I am not going to use (and is about to expire), would you like them?"  Of course she said "Yes".  Another example is at the pizza aisle, a couple with their grandchild was pricing out pizzas and they decided to go with ROMA, which is what was on sale for a price match.  I pulled out my Pig Ad and told them about the price match and all they had to do was tell them at the checkout.  You would have thought I just gave them a $100 bill. 
6.  I heard this somewhere too, if someone comments on how you must love coupons a great response is "No, I just love my money!"  I haven't gotten to use it yet but believe me I am waiting. 
7.  If you live in the Green Bay Area and are looking to learn more about saving money think about attending this class.

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  1. Excellent shopping!
    I agree with all of your tips, but mostly with #1. Once or twice I've went with a cashier even though I had a bad feeling about him/her, and ended up regretting it.