Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Monday 7/25

Thank goodness for central air.  Here's the problem with living in Wisconsin, it's either freezing cold or hot/humid that you can't stand yourself.  Spring and Fall are supposed to be the "reasonable" seasons in this area, however with a blizzard near the end of April and temps still dropping near freezing into late May/early June.  Now that warmer weather has arrived, it's here...mid 90's with a heat index of well over 100 degrees.  I know we are not alone with all this heat.  I'm not complaining, (because we have working central air) but I'm also not working on my tan like I should be.  I did use my oven but it was at a minimal, mostly for some batch cooking.  What are some ways that you try to beat the heat and get a healthy meal on the table for your family?

Sunday- Easy Chicken Tortellini Parmesan

Monday- crockpot pork stew over rice

Tuesday-Little Cesar's $5 pizza with three-bean salad

Wednesday-peanut butter chocolate chip granola with apple/strawberry smoothies

Thursday-rice cooker mac and cheese with hot dogs


Saturday-lentil tacos with chips and homemade salsa

You can see my menu and others like it at I'm an organized junkie.


  1. Central air can be a lifesaver; I'm so glad you have it! The food all looks SO good, I can't wait to add some of these ideas to my meal plan. I'm also linked up at orgjunkie; I hope you'll stop by!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your menu plan! We might have to try pork stew - simple enough, but we've never made it with gravy and served with rice. Hope you get a chance to work on your tan soon! This is my first summer as a SAHM so I finally have some color again this year!