Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So I recently started couponing, not like extreme couponing because that's insane....I've been doing it for 3 weeks...Today I managed to save over 65% on my purchases today.  Anybody want to play a guessing game...guess how much I spent on my items.  All items were on sale and/or purchased with coupons.  The only items that were officially FREE were the gallon of milk, with a coupon to be used on a future purchase and one pie crust.  The syrup was not on sale and I paid $2.00 for it since we actually needed it.  Now accepting guesses? 

Here's an overview of what I purchased....

Don't judge, since we don't buy booze or beer my husband has another addiction...Diet Coke, we purchase way more soda than most...people often think I'm having a party, it's just our weekly supply.

So even thought it's words...I'm going to tell you what I bought...
8 boxes of cereal
1 gallon of milk (I'll get another gallon of milk for FREE at a future purchase)
2 lbs of cherries
8 pack hot dog buns
8 pack hamburger buns
2 BBQ sauces
2 50 count paper plates
10 Dip n Dots thingies (ittibitz)
2 packages of cheese turkey dogs
1 watermelon
2 bags of carrots
1 pie crust
2 cherry pie fillings
2 Sargento cheese slices
1 syrup
2 Suddenly Salads
2 8-pack bottles Coke
3 12 pack cans Coke
1 head broccoli
1 head of lettuce
10 yogurts
1 18 count eggs
2 chip dips
2 LAY plain chips
2 cream cheeses

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  1. No body wants to guess, so fine...I'll just tell you. All of that cost me $66.11. I think that's fabulous, with the 65% savings. The items like yogurt, crereal, and fruit will mostly be used for breakfasts. The fresh fruit and veggies will used whenever. The chips will be brought to a church function, since I signed up to bring chips. Some items will be placed in my pantry for later use as part of my stockpile. Now I can't sustain the family on only these items but it helps to have items at my finger tips. I do have items like meat and frozen veggies in my freezer.