Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweetness Saturday

Ah so many things to be thankful for...let me count the ways. 

1. I got to see my niece who I haven't seen in almost 2 years.  Love you Mariah, it was so nice to see you!  Most of the family got together to eat and talk stupid.  Kind of twisted but I love spending time with my family, even if they insanely, semi, slightly dysfunctional. 

2.  We're dog sitting our neighbor's dog, who is Vinnie's BFF.  They are only a few weeks (maybe only a week) apart in age, it's like having a built in playmate.  The dogs are being awesome.  I just think it's sweet that this reminds me why I should not go back to being a 2 dog family.  Too much energy flowing through this house.

3.  My kids are spending the night with their Grandma.  I am enjoying silence, well except for the dogs acting foolish, Brown Chicken, Brown Cow..don't ask, they are both's sick.  I am curled up with the computer while watching Lifetime...oh how I love Lifetime.  Enjoying the sweet sound of  Barry Mantalo playing in the background for the dogs, use your imagination's sick. 

4.  I am now switched my purse to the summer version.  It's super cute and I can't wait to tote it around this summer.  I just hope it's as sweet as I dreamed it would be.

5.  Right now the street lights are not even on, I could technically go to bed. I am sick again, not like sick in bed sick, but sick with a mild version of a cold.  The thought of heading to bed with Lifetime playing in the background puts a sweet, sweet smile on my face.  I just don't know if these dogs will allow me such a sweet pleasure. 

Here's to hoping I get some sleep tonight.  Have a sweet rest of your Saturday!

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