Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snacks for traveling

On Monday we loaded up the family truckster and headed out for a 2.5 hour drive to visit some old friends we haven't seen in 6 years.  Since this was Scott's bright idea I thought I would leave him in charge of the family snacks.  What I realized was that snacks would have been a (or several) stops at the gas stations and would have cost us a years worth of college tuition because these days the kids seem to be hungry every 5 seconds.  I decided Scott has enough on his plate to just himself ready so I helped take a load off by getting myself, both kids, and the snacks prepared...I even found a "dog sitter" to let the dog out...Thanks Danielle!  Usually when I do snacks for trips I try to do a going and a coming batch.  It just helps gives the kids variety.  I know it seems like this might be a lot of work but I have to say it really didn't take long to put these little snack boxes together.  It took me longer to blog about them than to get them ready.  I am all about doing things efficiently.  For my sanity my kids are not allowed to sit by each other so the idea of them sharing a bag or box or snacks is not going to work for us.  Due to the costs I do buy some prepackaged snack food, mostly for convience, but I'm all about portioning things into baggies or containers to save a little money.  This method of travel snack preparation works for me.  I do really think Scott would have preferred gas station food just because that's how he rolls but he was happy to have the snacks that I provided him.

As you will see that is Chinese food container.  I am so resourceful.  This is the going snack bin.  It consists of a juice box, PB crackers, a bagel with cream cheese, cheese, and a fruit leather. 
Isn't that perfect?  I love it.

This is the coming home box.  I only had 2 Chines food boxes so I used some bento boxes that I had, which are perfect for this.  This box had trail mix, crackers, meat stick, and Oreos.  The kids got a bottle of water with this one. 

So cute!

I made sure I included fruits in our snack bin.  The kids really love it helps keeps my junk food snacking at bay.  You want my secret on how my apples didn't turn brown?  Simple.  I soaked them in lemon juice for about 10 minutes.  We ended up not eating these until we were on our way home and they were just as beautiful as when I first cut them.  I know, so cool.

Almost ready to go!
Can't forget mom and dad's snack bin.  Almonds, string cheese, a Weight Watchers snack cake, I had a LUNA bar and Scott got Oreos.  We got to drink soda.

I used plastic sandwich holders.  In case you're wondering, the Hello Kitty one is mine.

I didn't forget the sickness bag.  We believe that Camden might be suffering from migraines.  These "episodes" seem to occur when we've been super busy.  Our doctor thinks they might be migraines.  The cure is Ibuprofen and caffeine.  Thank goodness I had this little bag because as we were getting ready to leave Camden informed us that he wasn't feeling well.  Weird how Ibuprofen and Mt. Dew can save the day.

Everything fit nicely into this super, sweet cooler bag...stylin, right?

I also put in a box of crackers and the fruit leather.  Seriously, they ate almost everything.  They even at dinner at our friends house.  I know good thing they both have great metabolism right now.

We're barely out of town and she's already got a mouthful!
He has only gotten far enough away to drink his juice box!

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