Monday, June 20, 2011

Menu Monday 6/20 Friends Helping Friends

If it's not apparent, I'm not trying to brag or anything but I'm a giver.  I like to give of my time and of my food.  What I think it boils down to, is that giving keeps me out of trouble.  This past week I ended up spending a great deal of time in the kitchen preparing meals and snacks for several different people, I did still keep my family fed with at home cooked meals but I'll save those for next week since my plan is to eat random food (hamburger helper, eggs, sandwiches, and other simple foods) most of the week so I can work on the 6 credits I'm taking and figure out how to download and use a blogging program to "watermark" my pictures.

So anyway my MIL was heading to visit her brother in another state and was traveling with other family members so I prepared some snacks for them to take on their adventure.

pizza popcorn
protein packed cereal bars
6 week muffins

This week in summer school, we prepared 3 different snacks for a local shelter.  The shelter helps families get back on their feet after life events leave them homeless.  Our students enjoyed preparing these snacks and bringing in other donations for the shelter.  We try to incorporate different community service projects into our life skills instruction.  It was great to give back to the community.  The dip and trail mix recipes were doubled since we were aiming to serve about 35 people.

Carmel Pretzel Nut Popcorn
Caramel Apple dip served with apples and bananas
trail mix

These recipes were made for people in need.  A woman from church was having surgery and in need of meals to feed her family while she was laid up.  The other meal was for a friend who just gave birth to another baby girl.  Recently, I made Bubble Up pizza casserole and banana bread for neighbor who just gave birth to a baby girl something must be in the water. 

sesame chicken pasta salad
pepperoni calzones
banana bread #2 (a different version than listed above)

If you're into giving and are looking for the perfect recipe to prepare for someone in need or your own family, check out my menu and others at I'm an organized junkie.

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