Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Hello, My name is Alycia and I am an addict. It has been less than 24 hours since my last purse purchase. In my whole purse life, I have never spent much money on a purse. It just doesn't seem logical since I switch so often. However, about a year and half ago I entered my first COACH outlet store. We were on a super strict budget and I was behaving very well. Keeping it together and walking away was not easy but achieved. Since then I was able to get my hands on a "fake" one...Thanks Danielle. It just wasn't the same. Whenever we would go to the mall I would scope out the real COACH store but would NEVER pay that much for a purse. Earlier this year, someone posted that the Oshkosh outlet mall would soon be opening a store. Opening day was April do the math...yesterday. It just so happens that we had a little extra cash since we just had 2 days off of school and I didn't have to pay for daycare. I know my fellow Dave Ramsey friends would love to tell me where I should have put my extra money but sometimes a girl needs a new purse (or two) so stuff it...oh sorry...I'm a little passionate about purses. Wanting to get the best price, I printed off coupons for 30% of your purchase...little did I know that they were handing out similar coupons. Purse heaven. I am a clearance shopper by nature so I headed to the clearance section. 50% the price and then an additional 30%. You know the sound, it was like the heavens opened up "AHHHHHHHAHHHHHHAHHHHHHH". It was like Utopia (oh yeah a history word). So without further a my new BFF's.

This is Kenley's favorite. Won't this one be cute in the summer? Although it doesn't meet ALL of my requirements since it isn't divided down the middle. It meets the other requirements. Can't you just hear the song "Isn't she lovely?"

After our adventure and Scott's crazy driving I wasn't feeling well when we got home. I needed to sleep off either my car sickness or love sickness so I went right upstairs. Then I decided I had enough energy to put my "stuff" into my new BFF. When I was done I laid it on Scott's pillow. Scott just happened to be coming to check on me and kiss me good night. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Do you want one pillow or two? (as I was looking at my purse)

Scott: It doesn't matter.

Me: Uhm...I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to my BFF.

Scott: Oh. (looking slightly confused) What a sweet little girl! Are you cold? Do you want one cover or two?

I love that guy! He gets me!


  1. What is with the clock being totalaly out of wack? not that it matters but I was not up posting at 4 was more like 7am.

  2. auhh i am super jealous!!! i was at the oshkosh outlet and very mad that it said the coach oulet opened in april this was april 3rd with no such store even looking like it would open... oh well... i plan to go to china town and buy a knock off... tho i am sure its nothing like the real thing... Awesome deal you got!!!

  3. Yes Teirdra, they just opened on April 29. Someone mentioned that a store was opening and I looked around so I could find out when they opened. I knew they would have an extra coupon for the special occasion. However, you can often find coupons for 30% off on the internet. Hope you find the perfect purse for you! Now I'll have to start saving my money again...