Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make today great...

I know everyone has been eagerly awaiting my next witty blog post...I got nothing.  Yes, I've done some things like going back to school to find that one of my classes were incredibly rude to the sub (so after threatening them with the "big" stuff in school like detention-I believe they'll be good); picking up the pieces from the sub only to prepare for another sub today so I can spend all day in meetings talking about courses for next year; attending a special preschool event "Muffins for Moms"; and trying to make sure out home continues to be in livable conditions (2 days in bed is not good).  Right now I'm in survival mode.  For the second time this year, I got blessed with a virus (or something) that has taken everything out of me.  I was literally laid up in bed for all of Sunday and most of Monday.  On Sunday, I did start a round of antibiotics and I thought they were kicking in...I was feeling pretty good.  By the end of the night last night, I was not feeling so hot again and today I am better than Sunday but not yet better.  I am very happy that Kenley is feeling much better and as of right now Scott and Camden haven't been hit.  Today if I could be anywhere, I would be tucked away in bed hiding under the covers with Lifetime playing in the background.  However, since that's not going to happen...I plan on making the best of my wonderful Wednesday happy for God, my life, my family, and my health (well most of it).  My goal is to make it a great day no matter how I feel, I mean it might actually look like spring today! Are you willing to join me?  Make it a great day everyone!

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