Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Monday

So I don't know about you but one of the things that I do to help me look like I have it all together is menu planning. Sometimes I am better than others. There are many benefits to menu planning including saving money both at the grocery store and from not resorting to take out. And if you're like we were yesterday even when you have a plan it's fruity pebbles for all. Kenley and I have been significantly under the weather...I guess I wasn't love sick from my purse purchase but I may have actually been sick. I spent most of yesterday in bed trying to save myself from the horrible fever of 102.6 and body aches. My darling husband told me that I looked like "death warmed over". Boy, isn't he good to me? Although I'm not fully up to par today my fever is much closer to the normal range of 100.1. Kenley and I are staying home today to rest up. Poor Kenley is on her 5th round of antibiotics in 2011 (3 ear infections and 2 strep). Hopefully, Camden and Scott will not be struck by the plague.

Monday- Chicken Enchiladas (or fruity pebbles again)

Tuesday- Easy Pot Roast

Wednesday- Leftovers or Pot Roast Soup

Thursday- Breakfast (this is a pretty open option, sometimes it's cereal for the kids and eggs for me, eggs for everyone, maybe really varies but I always include breakfast once a week-simple, easy, and everyone is happy)

Friday-Turkey Cutlets with oven baked fries

Saturday- Pizza

Sunday-Meatball Soup

You can find my menu and other just like it posted at:

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