Friday, May 6, 2011

mixed review on peanut butter cookies

A few days, which was intended to be a "great day"...kind of had some not so great moments.  It gets a little crazy in the morning when trying to get out of the house.  Kids are cranky, moms are cranky, and sometimes even dads are cranky, too.  And sometimes people (never me of course) say or do things they shouldn't...blah blah blah....right.  Well anyway, Camden had earned himself some time out minutes in his room when we got home for being a little more than "spunky" in the morning.  Kenley was an angel with white glowing wings, in the morning.  Now at daycare, she's been a different story.  We love our daycare lady (or as she refers to herself..the chicken fat lady)..."Hi Tracy, we love you!"  My precious angel, has been having a hard time being a good friend.  I know I model frienship so well for her, it's hard to believe.  Last week she was in trouble for in not so many words...telling her BFF Ella off.  They have been friends for almost 3 years or most of her life.  Kenley and Ella struggle with who is in charge and the battle for the leading role of the drama (or their lives).  So I tortured her with her writing a letter.  Now some will say you should never give writing as a's not like her fingers were bleeding people.  Kenley had improved her behavior and I thought this little stunt was behind us...well I was very saddened by my report.  Kenley lied to Tracy and later wacked Ella in the head with a plastic gold club.  So needless to say I spoke with Kenley regarding her behavior and she had to write Tracy and Ella a letter.  Now before you go calling social services, here is how it goes Kenley must tell me what she wants to say, I write the letter in a highlighter, she traces in pencil, except for her name she must right freehand, we reread the letter together, and deliver to the person the next day.  Does it work, I don't's just what I've got in my toolbox right now.  One would have thought I was seriously injuring Kenely with the tears and commotion she was causing, her hand hurt so badly (after writing the word Dear).  The letters are simple:  Dear Tracy, I am sorry for telling you a lie.  I will work on my behavior.  Love, Kenley
Dear Ella, I am sorry for hurting you.  I will not grab the golf club from you.  Love, Kenley.  As she's writing her letters I just want to make sure to seal the deal...I invite Camden to make some cookies with me.  She obviously can't join us until she's finished her task, which of course is taking WAY longer than I could ever imagine.  I decide to do something simple and easy. I went with these: from my friend Angie.  It's amazing how quickly that little girl finished those sorry letters and dried her eyes.  Sometimes, we need a little sweetness to brighten up our days.  Camden help measure, pour, and do some of the mixing.  Kenley made it in time to help form the cookies.  The truth about these cookies:  Camden and I didn't like them, we're not peanut butter people.  Kenley and Scott were in 7th heaven, they are gone. My personal review is that if  you are a peanut butter person these cookies are for you.  I did add some oatmeal like Angie suggested hoping to add some more depth and they still were too much peanut butter for me.  I REALLY liked how easy they were and how simple it was to get the kids involved. Try them and let me know your thoughts.


  1. I with you and Camden...not a peanut butter kinda person...BUT I am totally stealing your idea of writing in highlighter and making J. trace. That sounds like an awesome way to go about it...easier than making all those dots :-)

  2. Becca that's a trick I learned from an occupational therapist when I worked in elementary school 10 or so years ago. Works like a charm...dots are out; highlights are in! The other thing that works depending on what your goal is, is using bubble letters and the kids write inside them. I learned a lot of "tips" and "tricks" about working with young kids back in the olden days when I worked with the little ones. Enjoy your new strategy.