Monday, May 30, 2011

Olive Dip

I tried this dip well over 6 years ago for the first time.  My former co-worker, Diane, had a family party one weekend and since she's a giver, she brought the leftovers to school.  This dip was part of the leftovers, which I'm not sure how that happened because everytime I make it I have nothing left.  Sometimes I don't even get any and I resort to licking the bowl, sorry, but it's that good.  If you're not an olive person, this dip might not give you the same kind of joy.  The recipe is pretty general so make sure you follow it to a tee.  Enjoy.

6 oz cream cheese
some half and half
green olives and their juice
scallions (I use green onions)

Cream the cream cheese and add chopped olives and scallions.  Add half and half and some olive juice until you get the proper consistency...(don't really know how much maybe a couple of Tablespoons of olive juice and 1/4 cup half and half).  See how specific this is.  When you refrigerate it, it really thickens up, so you'll add more half and half later.  Really good with Fritos, pretzels, or greasy potato chips. 

*Personally, I am a chip girl that is all I have ever eaten with this dip.  It's really good. I could eat it all by myself, which is not good.

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