Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family values

I have written several times about our church.  We make an attempt to try to be active in our church.  About 4 years ago our Pastor felt led to run a marathon for a cause, his original goal was to raise $1,000 for every mile ($26,000) to help the Africa Oasis Project.  What an awesome idea, right?  At least it's awesome for the people of Africa.  Not Pastor, I mean who in their right mind would run 26.2 miles on purpose just to end up almost the exact place you started.  Now having said that I have run 2 HALF-marathons (13.1 miles), but I'm not insane or in shape enough to do a full one...that's for lunatics.  Since Pastor got this bright idea felt led to participate in this marathon, he also felt led to have pawns, nope the church full of suckers, nope... God's vessels SERVE at a water station.  Our family has done this most years, the first year I walked the 5K and then volunteered, then I ran the half, then we skipped out a year because we were feeling like slackers, last year we brought the whole family, and did the same this year.  This year we moved to mile marker 23 (we were at 15), somehow our Pastor thought our big fat mouths our sweet, spirited voices would ring praises like no body's business at this mile.  Guess what?  He sure was right.  Our peeps, rocked it out of the park with our hoots, hollers, and excitement for some of those weary runners at mile 23.  As people who live in the mid-west, one would think that we would be used to the crazy weather we have.  I mean we had a snow storm in mid-April, so it should not have surprised anyone that it was a blustery 47 degrees out there with wind whipping like the Wicked Witch of the West was about to touch down.  We had decided that if it rained, we would stay home to keep our daughter from getting yet another type of sickness.  Yes, we discussed the whole cold weather doesn't equal illness...blah, blah, we weren't willing to risk it.  So it was our not so lucky day, when we arose from our peaceful sleep to the trees hitting our windows and whistling through the cracks in our house but not one single drop of rain.  It was off to volunteer we went but not until after our hair was just so.
Only to realize the beautiful hair styles wouldn't last long. 
At least she was in good spirits.  To some of you this might seem like child abuse but in our house we call it building character.  We were hoping that the sight of these children would make people just stop their running and offer to donate money to our worthy cause.  Scott wanted to make a sign "For just the cost of a cup of coffee," how immature.

Actually, he is pretty mature.  Scott's a stand up guy.  He was suckered interested in volunteering our families services even though he had to go to work, we arrived at 7:45 and left by about 11:30, just so he could relax a bit before heading into work.  Look aren't we so cute?
In all actuality, we did work.  It was fun.  I love the excitement that the runners bring.  Most of all I love what this shows our children.  Even though it was cold, windy, and early, the people needed us at mile 23.  I am so happy that we could bless each and every runner today with our presence.  My children learned so much more today in those few, freezing cold hours than they could have learned in our warm home watching cartoons all day.  They learned to SERVE. 
If you've ever read the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, he starts the book out with a shocking statement "It's not about you." What?  Really?  That's not cool...well actually it is, because it's about God.  "For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible...everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him."  Colossians 1:16
It's not about this guy either.  Today I was at that water station working for God, which in turn was helping this poor guy...keep going buddy...only 3 miles (but they will be the longest 3 miles of your life) to go.

And with that we have taught our children one more lesson.  Jesus Camden you're my superhero.  You're my star, my best friend.  Better than spiderman... (Jesus is my Superhero by Hillsong)

Seriously, this boys is going to need therapy, just add it to our bill.  This is how he unwinds after a hard morning of volunteering. 


  1. LOL, it is embarassing to ask Alan EVERYTHING techie! I figured it out all by myself.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, I just wish I could have been there.

  3. Oh well, I guess if you were the "super christian" woman you claim to be you would've been there...I have evidence Gloria you were there...I should have included that picture, God knows that's all that matters right?