Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just say "Yes"

So Camden informed me that they read a book "Yes Day".  He told me he really wanted one of those days.  I get it, it's about finding a balance.  It just seems weird.  I asked him what he would want if we had such a day.

If Camden were having a "yes" day he would ask...
1.  To sign up to play hockey.
2.  A tiny motorcycle like my cousin Nolan.
3.  A drum set.

Now isn't it horrible that there is not one item I would say "yes" too? I know, terrible.  Really, I am not signing him up for hockey for a few reasons...the cost and secondly, the time commitment.  Most nights during the week I am a "single" parent as Scott works 2nd shift.  Because of the nature of his job, he also has to work many weekends...leaving everything up to me.  A tiny motorcycle could lead to a "yes" if it was the right price and the safety gear was worn-otherwise it's a "NO" .  A drum set...really, he makes enough noise the way it is...maybe someday buddy. 

If Kenley were having a "yes" day she would ask...
1.  To go to Pizza Hut.
2.  A fairy barbie.
3.  A microphone with a stand.

When I asked Kenley, her requests are much more reasonable..don't you think?  A trip to Pizza Hut actually sounds like a dream come cooking, no dishes, someone serving me..."YES".  A fairy barbie could probably be purchased for less than $10, sounds reasonable.  A microphone with a stand would be the only one I would consider a "no".  But it's not that loud and I could hear the sweet, sweet sound of her (or her brother's voice). 

That got me to thinking, maybe I should say "yes" more often.  Really most of their daily requests that get a "no" are pretty harmless.  It's not like they are asking to play on the highway or with sharp glass.  The daily stuff like "Can I wear shorts under my pants? or a tank top under my shirt?"  or something like "Can I eat cereal for dinner?" My goal is to take a step back and say "yes" a little more often.  I am sure that word will be music to the kids ears.  Maybe if I say "yes" to them, it might work to my benefit...they might say "yes" to me once in a while.  Although, it is about balance and I am not planning on becoming a full time "Yes" mom.  I still like the sound of "NO".  Anyone willing to join me?

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