Monday, May 23, 2011

Swearing in the United States

Last week I wrote about my son's life as a vandal.  The same little guy who was pushing the candy, taught my darling son that if you put your pinkie finger up, it's like swearing in China.  So we were deep in conversation when he also shared that this same boy showed him the middle finger, it's like swearing in the United States.  Even after the discussion of potential consequences, I should have known he was going to try our his new trick. At "life group" Camden was hanging out with the ladies (because he's a ladies man), when a tattletale another kid came to tell me that Camden had "flipped" them off.  Camden had to come upstairs to sit on the step until I was able to talk to him about his behavior.  I sat down with Camden and asked why he was in trouble and he started crying "I'm in trouble because I was swearing in the United States."  Honestly, the way he said it, it was priceless.  That kid is so awesome.  He's not always in trouble, really he's so great!  My son is a spirited child to say the least.  As he gets older, he's for sure going to be the cause of my firstsecond a head full of gray hairs.  Even at times when that boy drives me to drink crazy, there is just something about him that makes me want to scoop him up, hug and kiss him to smithereens.  It's hard to be a mom of a spirited child.  People look at you and sometimes I feel judged because of his impulsive behaviors and actions.  In the end, it doesn't matter to me what people think, all that matters is that God and I know he's a misunderstood yet amazing kid.  He does the best he can with the circumstances he was given (I mean imagine having me as a mom). If your a mom (maybe even a dad) it's almost guaranteed that you would have read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch to your child at some point.  That author tells the truth!  I actually think it should be the new parenting book.  Basically, when your children are awake they can drive you to drink nuts but every night when they are asleep they are so precious and perfect.  If you have never read the book, read it. It's beautiful, you might even cry.  Now hopefully, I won't get a phone call that my son is "swearing in the United States" while at school. 

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