Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menu Monday 5/21

Happy Monday (or Sunday night) to all!  As I stated earlier I'm tyring something new and posting tried and true recipes that we ate last week.  I ended up with some rhubard from our teachers lounge.  My friend Michelle is supposed to give me some more.  I'm going to post a link to last week's menu which has another great rhubard recipe.  I wonder what I'm going to make with my next batch...Menu Monday 5/16.  Have a great week!

Monday-ham sandwiches with veggies & Dill Dip

Tuesday-eggs with Streusel Rhubarb Bread

Wednesday- Orange Marmalade Gazed Chicken


Friday- Easy Baked Pork Chops with rice

Saturday- grilled chicken and Crash Hot Potatoes

Sunday-Kids and my-favorite tator tot casserole

You can find my menu and others like it at I'm an organized junkie

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