Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweetness Saturday

It's almost like I have abandoned you...I didn't I've been super busy.  Actually, I've been a busy lady doing random things.  Plus Scott's off days are falling on the weekend, so I was playing super, amazing, crazy, going to tweak mommy.  It's nice when he has off on the weekends but it can make the weeks a little more hectic or not...sometimes he gets in my way...I'm torn on how I feel.  So today is Saturday and as most Saturday's it was amazing.

1.  I got to spend time with my daddy and my little sister.  We went to Hmong fest...nope we're not even Hmong.  However, we were the only white people there.  My dad dated a Hmong several years ago and really enjoys the authentic food.  Somehow I always end up getting roped into going.  This year my sister went and so did Kenley.  It was sweet to spend time with them. 
2.  Then we headed to a museum.  Scott and Camden ended up joining us.  It was even more sweet to spend time with everyone!  Kenley got a hold on the camera, so here are a few shots!
Shh don't tell Scott his pictures on the Internet...He's shy.
Shh don't tell my dad he's on the Internet either. He does not like having his picture taken and I am sure he definitely doesn't want it out there for the world to see.  Sorry daddy, I just love you so much! I couldn't resist.
3.  After the museum we went to a local ice cream shop that I had never been too.  YUMMY.  The ice cream was so sweet and tasty.  I had a cherry sundae that was to die for, figuratively speaking.
4.  I am going green.  I mean, I've planted another garden...year #2.  Thank goodness there was record rain fall in year #1 otherwise I am sure I would've killed everything because that's how I roll.  Somehow I have managed to keep my kids alive for both 6 and 4 years...Scott and I have been married for almost 9 years...One would think I could keep things in my garden alive.  You know the "green" thumb and "brown" thumb saying, hands down I am the "brown" thumb.  Our garden is fairly small but it will do.  I am sure as usual I will have planted too much but it's OK.  Here are some shots of my lovely garden.  Won't it be sweet when I am eating fresh tomatoes, beans, peas, and peppers from the garden?

Here are my cucumber plants.  I'm going to have my handy man put these on the garden posts.  There is not enough sun light behind the garage.  We do have 2 raspberry bushes there, I am hoping they will grow.  We planted them last year. 

We're also really trying to go green and have a "rain" bucket.  Scott worked very hard to make this for me, he even put in a spicket.  And made a special platform.  Isn't he sweet?

Here are my herbs.I have basil, chives, dill, and cilantro.

I am trying something new.  I found this strawberry plant.  Hopefully it will fair better than mine from last year.

Have a super sweet rest of your Saturday.  I know I will!

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