Monday, April 25, 2011

You might be asking, what is that sight? That my friends is our laundry. It's clean, so don't go calling Social Services on us, we already have them on our speed dial. My darling husband and I have an agreement, he does the laundry, plain and simple. His idea and my idea of doing the laundry are not the same, but you know the old saying "beggers can't be chosers". In my ideal world, the laundry is washed, dried, folded, and put away. In Scott's world, well, let's just say he has his own unique system. And since I'm a giver, I help out in his system, I follow his lead (after all, he is the leader of our house) and I put laundry in the washer, then the dryer, and then I add to his towering pile of clean clothes. Once the tower gets to this height, he'll usually fold. You will be happy to know that the dirty laundry baskets are mostly empty, for right now. So I do look forward to several baskets of laundry to put away tomorrow. I'm gonna let him do laundry his way and try to keep my mouth shut (which is super hard).

OK so this is my very first blog post EVER. Well I have posted comments on a few blogs and stalked a few others, recently I decided it was time to start my very own. Of course when you do something so crazy, a lot of things run through your mind including: Will anybody care to read about what I have to say? Who knows and I kind of don't really care , well OK I do care, but in order to seem like I have it "all together" I'll pretend that I don't. So why the "Totally Untogether Working Mom"? Well because contrary to popular belief, I don't have it all together. Now I make every effort to appear like we are the perfect family of four. I mean, I am a teacher and Scott a corrections officer, one would think we'd run a pretty tight ship. In addition to our amazing careers and high Christian values, we have 2 children (almost exactly 2 years apart), 2 cats, 5 fish, 1 leopard gecko, and 1 dog, we also have a chain linked fence and I drive a Dodge Caravan, what's not all together about that. Well a whole lot! I am a working mom with 2 children trying to keep it all flowing, while I believe I do a fair job, I am a work in progress. I want this blog to be about being "real" in a world where we are expected to achieve perfection on a daily basis. Also just because I'm a teacher, doesn't mean that my grammar is perfect, just trying to survive people...I hope you enjoy my reality!


  1. And dont worry folks, the neighbors have Social Services on speed dial as well!

  2. Happy blogging Alycia. It's a great way to keep track if you don't have time to scrapbook. Unfortunately I don't even have time to blog anymore, LOL


  3. Yay! Love it!! :) I was just in the middle of an email to you about blogging when i saw your post! Guess you don't need me! Looks awesome. :) :) :)