Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Worse Student EVER

Well today was an exceptionally interesting day. I had an opportunity to "spice" up my day and attended a "Differentiation" conference. It's no wonder Wisconsin is in the current financial state with all those "teachers" attending those high class conferences at Holiday Inns, stuffing 5 teachers in a car to be paid $.25 a mile, and receive reimbursement for lunch of no more than $7.00, I know this just seals the deal Walker, those "teachers" only care about the money and NOT the kids. OK, not really looking to debate, just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in that the teachers ARE NOT overpaid, actually, when kids behave like the one I will talk about today we are certainly underpaid. I was uber (it's the new word for super) excited because I had seen this woman speak before (yes, they allowed me to attend a different conference 2 years ago during the SUMMER-with no additional pay-I might add) and she was worth my time. I learned a ton. Every time I have been to a conference, no matter how amazing I am at my job, I'm always knocked back down to reality. Yes, I know that I do a pretty good job working with the kids and using strategy based learning while differentiating to meet the needs of individual students . My lessons are at least a horse and pony show while actively engaging the kids (I have an ego problem). However, there are a ton of things I can improve on.

So back this super annoying student. Yep, you know who I'm talking about. ME. Really, I know it's hard to believe that I would ever misbehave. I just can't help it. I have no self control. So as result of my behavior today, one of my team teaching partners informed me that I am no longer allowed to take away students' cell phones, since I could not keep from texting...I told her it was my secret lover (I saved the song for later)...tee wasn't and I'm not gonna tell her who I was texting. Actually, I was texting several people..some of them were in the same room as me. Here is where I can't contain myself, I am often like a teenager and when someone says something that might remotely be considered inappropriate...I giggle and then I text someone the statement "Hee hee she said "butt". I know so mature. This a 2 fold behavior: 1. I want to see if the person's cell phone will start playing a tune and 2. I want to see them start laughing so people will look at them funny (evil I know-I can't help it). As this wonderful presenter was going over her information, if one of the activities she discussed was something I have tried I would do a big "Whoot Whoot" (it was only loud enough so the people I was sitting next to could hear me) paired with a raise the roof dance motion. Once again, my team teaching partner had to remind me that I was doing the "fat lady call" and that it was time for a new statement. Man...a fat lady call? Just when I thought I was looking slim. I had wonderful intentions to fully pay attention the whole time but I am a mover. It's hard for me to sit still for long periods of time. Really, I just want to DANCE. Here's the reality, I can't be still so I find reasons to get up, I go to the bathroom, get something to drink, or I offer to get the materials for our learning. My mind wanders, so I doodle and I surf the web or I take out my phone to check the time and suddenly, I am compelled to text or face book. If I have an idea that I think should be discussed with a co-worker, I must do it immediately, I can't wait til a's annoying and I disrupt people. There is a problem and I admit, I seem to have no control over myself. The enjoyment of learning is there for me but I just can't do it for 8 hours straight. Nope, it's not my style. This speaker was amazing with tons of practical ideas and engaging. My self control was below basic today. I rounded out my performance today with my own versions of "Oops I did it again" and "Secret Lover". I am sure my colleagues will never look at me the same...I'll bet they still think I'm pretty neat because they love me just the way I am.

I must admit, I really do want to follow the rules and for the most part I do. Really, in my life overall, I am a total rule follower and at times a goody-goody. It's just that whenever I become the student again whether it's in a class, at a conference or at church, I am suddenly labeled as out of control or a serious behavior problem. I swear I can't help it. The main reason I went to college was not because I had a love of learning (it was part of it), it was mainly because my dad said I shouldn't. He wanted me to work or go to a "local" college. Maybe that's why I rebel...that's a different post and a therapy session. I did learn a lot and it was definitely worth the tax payers dollars, don't worry our principal has already given us an assignment.


  1. Alycia, you are my role model. I can only aspire to be you. When I go to a conference I only bring 3 different highlighters, sticky notes, sticky page markers, two color pens and plenty of paper. I am never that interactive with the speaker or my team. Can you teach me?

  2. Beth actually you are the one who should teach me. I usually bring a pen and my phone. Can you give me conference etiquette lessons?