Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Menu Monday 8/8

It has been a hectic week in our household.  Last week my dear hubby and I ended up out of town for a night at a wedding without the kids.  Along with a ton of other life things I got super busy.  This week our church is hosting a VBS.  Next week's menu will probably be even less exciting since I'm feeding my kids in the car a couple of days as we go from swim lessons to picking up extra VBSers then to Panda mania.  So here's last week's menu posted for this week.  Enjoy.  If you're looking for something with a little more spunk, check out the menus at I'm an organized junkie.

Sunday-Life Group Black Bean Brownies and Spinach dip with veggies

Monday-Play date with a friend, my contribution was sliced watermelon

Tuesday-Cheeseburger sliders

Wednesday-turkey sandwiches with carrot walnut salad

Thursday-Baked Spaghetti

Friday-Grandma's in charge.  I can only imagine what they ate. 

Saturday-Rotisserie Style Chicken with rice

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